The Author

Sanchoy Das

Hi! I graduated from Virginia Tech in 1989 and for the last 30+ years I have been teaching at this amazing university, the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT). I have taught hundreds, actually, thousands of students and with each one of them I learnt something and (I hope) they learnt a lot.

My passion is supply chains, that remarkable cocktail of logistics, industrial engineering, business operations management and data driven information technology which brings the world of products and services to your neighborhood and even to your doorstep. Today that passion is focused on Fast Fulfillment – How disruptive innovators are getting online orders delivered to you immediately – today, tomorrow or at the latest the day after tomorrow.

Teaching Interests

  • Supply Chains: How do move products across the globe so that customer order fulfillment is optimized. Graduate level I teach student to analyze material and information flows, and then optimize system decisions. Provide both a traditional view for manufacturers and retailers, and a contemporary online fast fulfillment view.
  • Design+Build: How do you design and manufacture innovative products at scale? Undergraduate level I teach students the engineering details of production processes so that when they see a product they know how it was made. Graduate level I teach students how to analytically drill into designs and optimize them for cost and efficiency. Students will have the knowledge to refine and optimize the build process, so that they can lead their team and company into a competitive position.

Academic Experience

New Jersey Institute of Technology, Newark, NJ

  • Professor of Mechanical & Industrial Engineering – 2000 to present
  • Asst./Assoc. Prof of Industrial and Management Systems Engineering – 1989 to 2000
  • Director MSEM@Beijing – 2007 to 2015. Joint initiative between Beijing University of Technology (BJUT) and NJIT.

Universita Degli Studi Di Brescia, Brescia, Italy.

  • August to December 2019. Field research on artisanal supply chains – retailing and distribution of specialty crafted small volume products (cheeses, handbags, wines, oils, clothing, etc.).  Partner: Prof. Lucio Zavanella

Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Barcelona, Spain

  • Erasmus Mobility Grant. May 2018. Training Workshop on Fast Fulfillment – The Machine that Changed Retailing


  • Virginia Tech – Ph.D. Industrial Engineering & Operations Research – 1989
  • Virginia Tech – M.S. Industrial Engineering & Operations Research – 1985
  • University of Science & Tech KNUST, Ghana – B.S. Mechanical Engineering – 1982