Hello Business Operations Engineers

Welcome to the book website. The Fast Fulfillment book was published September, 2021 and is readily available in bookstores. Thanks to the team at Business Expert Press. This book describes how businesses can discover and understand disruptive process innovations and design-build a customer fulfillment machine which lets their business and company compete and prosper in an internet driven online world.

The era of online ordering and fast fulfillment is not in the future, it is the present and is now a requirement for business success. For many years’ customers viewed online as an alternate option, but the pandemic has made online the default option in many cases. Business professionals and students are eager to discover how they can pivot their business process to fulfill online products and services. They want this knowledge and information know. Everyday companies are reporting a growth in the online business through new innovations and there is a constant buzz on fast fulfillment in the press and professional groups.

The book has three objectives. First to provide you with a detailed view and learning perspective of the fulfillment machine, including an analysis of why it’s so efficient. Second, to explain how the innovation was catalyzed and implemented to create this large-scale intelligent machine. Third, show how your business can design-build a fast fulfillment machine.. The knowledge is organized in 4 sections and 11 chapters.

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