Why the Book?

The era of online ordering and fast fulfillment is not in the future, it is in the present and a requirement for business success today. For many years’ customers viewed online as an alternate option, but the pandemic has made online the default or dominant option. Business professionals and students are eager to discover how they can pivot business process to fulfill online products and services. They want this knowledge and information now. Everyday companies are reporting a growth in their online business through new innovations, and there is a constant buzz on fast fulfillment in the press and professional groups.

Several books focus on the explosive growth of online retailing and its champion Amazon. These do not help the reader learn how to build their FF machine. This book describes the operational structure of the fast fulfillment process, including mathematical and technical details. The book is not just story-telling the fast fulfillment machine, it is informative and instructive. The chapters include specific methods and techniques that the reader can adopt and adapt to match their business processes. Most chapters include illustrative examples of disruptive innovation from industry leaders.

Value Added to Management Courses

  • This is a do-it book, the reader first learns about the FF machine and next learns how pathway to build their own FF machine
  • Shows how disruptive process innovations can be readily integrated into a legacy business operation
  • Presents illustrative industry examples which demystify the FF machine
  • Explains why a cocktail of streaming data, quantitative models, and a network of decisions is the secret sauce of the disruptors
  • Shows how mathematics is the prevalent theme in disruptive process innovations, and provides a pathway for managers to successfully embrace this theme.
  • Presents simple step-by-step methods that readers can follow to initiate and drive their disruptive process innovation projects.